Why Meet at the MACC

Your guests will feel like they are stepping back into an enchanted time and place where cottage architecture, topiaries, arched doorways and classic mountain stone are common place.  This retreat-like setting will sooth their senses and put their minds at ease as they settle in and re-discover what it is like to be ready to learn in a calm and inviting atmosphere.





​Spacious, sun-lit rooms bathe your attendees in natural light. Real hard wood floors, 12 foot ceilings and beautiful moldings will remind them of days gone by. Over-sized rooms give everyone plenty of space to spread out.  


...Need break-out rooms for your meeting?  The MACC's got more than enough rooms to choose from.  





​Our fresh and delicious coffee service, from Signal Mountain's own Mayfly Coffee, will keep your attendees refreshed, happy and learning, without disruptions.


How about a general assembly room? 

We've got a beautiful theater with mics, sound system and lights. We can seat up to 250 people.


Would you like to cater the affair in our cafeteria and fully stocked kitchen?  


We've got that, too!  Our cafeteria seats at least a hundred people. 


Our graceful arched doorways and stone facade welcome your guests to an enchanting day or week away from their regular surroundings.  

Book your meeting at the MACC today.  We'll show you how.  

Give us a call at 886-1959. 


Friend us on our FaceBook, pages at MACCStaff or Mountain Arts Community Center.   Or Click on to SignalMACC.org.