Powerpoint Copy

External Powerpoint, 2017

Slide One:

We Are…

M*Modal – a fast moving clinical documentation services and technology company in the healthcare industry.

Redefining the way clinical information is captured, analyzed and shared by the care teams.

Slide Two:

We Innovate…

Our speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies are widely recognized as the most advanced in the industry.

By combining these technologies with our medical transcription and coding services, we create solutions that fully capture the patient story and turn it into meaningful and actionable information, leading to better care outcomes.

Slide Three:

We Care…

We believe strongly in two-way communication — being both challenged and heard encourages us to grow professionally and personally.

You will love our small diverse teams that deeply care about what they do.

Imagine enjoying your work and knowing it improves patient care. This happens every day for employees at M*Modal.

Slide Four:

We Welcome YOU…  

We are looking for talented, highly motivated and technically excellent people to join our M*Modal team.

All of you are now part of that outstanding team – and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome you to M*Modal.