Hot Links

InnerCircle - Intranet, 2017

Hot Links

For March 2017

Mich Michaud


Video opens on a grill… watching sausage sizzle and pop over the heat….pull out to a redneck guy (AKA Stephen Tew) with a cold beverage in his hand, overalls askew, hat turned backward, tending the BBQ…

He says as he waves the smoke away in a thick back-woods accent, “I hear tell of hot links… how dangerous they can be and how we shouldn’t click on ‘em. (he clicks on one with the tongs)  But what I don’t git is why these lil’ suckers are so bad. I like me some hot links!”

Enter Tim Donaldson (on a two shot dressed work clothes)… “Oh… no, no, no… we’re not talking sausage… we’re talking about hot links in email – specifically M*Modal emails.

Full to camera Tim explains… “For a year now, we’ve been asking you to NEVER click on a link in any email.  We’ve also asked you to never include active links in any internal MASS communication – that goes for all departments.

Voice over with images… “Many of you have gotten the message, but many of you are still out there clicking and including active links with little regard for our internal security.”

“Here’s why we are so concerned: (show computer screen example) These kinds of files and links are known to spread malicious software like Viruses, Key Loggers, Trojans and Ransomware that can spread to your PC, our clients and other MModal systems.”

Back on camera: “As well, if you have personal passwords, bank account information, personal documents on your work computer.. and we know you do, and you click on an unverified link, you’re locked out of your computer and your information is now in the hands of criminals.  You can kiss it goodbye.”

Back on two shot… redneck nudges Tim… “Hey, wanna hot link?”  Tim says, “uh, no, never touch ‘em. But they are mighty tempting…”

Tagline: Remember, here at M*Modal, YOUR cyber security is OUR cyber security.