Social Media Security

InnerCircle - Intranet, 2017

Social Media Security

For October? 2017

Mich Michaud


Video opens on an MT working a file… “No way!!!  I got Beyoncé’s chart!! My Facebook friends are going to love this… He switches over to Facebook and types in… Hey, I’m working on Beyoncé’s medical chart right now!!”

Desktop Support Rep. on camera: “Did you know Facebook and other social media are vectors for inbound malware, viruses and information gathering?”

Voice over: “Posting to Facebook during work hours on your M*Modal provided computer is a violation of internal security. And posting to any social media about whose file you are working is against HIPAA Laws.

Back on Camera.  However, if you have a professional LinkedIn or Twitter account and you are sharing or reposting M* marketing posts, then you should be okay. 

Tagline: Remember, here at M*Modal, YOUR cyber security is OUR cybersecurity.