Parenting Tips

InnerCircle Intranet, 2017

Parenting tips

By Mich Michaud

HR Video 2017


Scene opens on M*Modal employee Stacee, “Texting at work she says while slamming down her phone, my teenager is driving me crazy (hand in head)… he won’t do his homework, he lies about where he is, and his grades are a wreck. I’m beginning to think I need help!”


Voice over: You have a teenage son who stays out all night, doesn’t do his homework and gets confrontational when you try to discipline him. You’re at the end of your rope. LifeMatters can help by listening to your concerns and provide FREE assistance with establishing appropriate boundaries and more.


Video of employee says Tagline: “LifeMatters-- the FREE M*Modal Employee Assistance Program!”…  (show phone number and website for EAP)