HR Alert

Internal, 2016

M*Modal Needs Your Help! Together we can save on healthcare costs!

Did you know that M*Modal pays all medical claims and prescriptions submitted to Cigna-- more than $x million annually?  Because M*Modal is self-insured, Cigna only processes our claims and provides us network discounts. M*Modal pays Cigna a monthly fee for its services. 

Help M*Modal keep costs down… here’s how:

Save on healthcare out-of-pocket expenses by:

v Use LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics- two leading national providers for all lab procedures. It’s free to all members and M*Modal pays x percent.

v CT or MRI - Access the Burd Health Provider Locater tool at to locate imaging centers affiliated with MedSolutions, a leading provider of cost effective imaging. And since these procedures are applied to your deductible and coinsurance, using them only costs x percent coinsurance verses x percent through Cigna’s non-preferred centers. Search for low cost facilities covered by Cigna at

v Find lower cost prescriptions and pharmacies by using the RX tool on or other sites like Good and compare prices.

v Stop using high-priced pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens that charge consumers over 30 percent more.

v Use generics when possible and use the Cigna pharmacy mail order for your maintenance drugs - buy 2 get 1 free.

v Use Urgent Care facilities and TelaDoc for less serious injuries and sicknesses.  Urgent Care facilities cost less than emergency room visits and TelaDoc is free.

v And most importantly - take care of your health. Get preventative care and see your doctor annually. If you have a health condition, utilize the free Cigna programs M*Modal has purchased for members like disease management, care management and more. Speak to a Cigna Health Advocate—call the number on the back of your Cigna medical card for information on available programs or to reach the 24 hour Health Information line. 

Help M*Modal save on healthcare costs while helping you stay healthy!