Internal/External Security Alert Memo

Internal Email, June 2017

To:     All M*Modal Employees

From: M*Modal Desktop Support

Date:  6/27/2017



Please be aware of a global cyberattack in progress. This comes on the heels of the WannaCry attack in early May.


The threat for all businesses is real. We need your help to ensure M*Modal doesn’t fall victim to this kind of attack, today or ever.


More than 200,000 victims in 150 countries have been identified. Companies in the United States have been compromised and have been forced to shut down business today. Ukraine’s national bank, state power company and largest airport are among the targets now crippled. Affected computers showed what appears to be ransomware, demanding a payment of $300 in Bitcoin to re-gain access to encrypted files.


Please be vigilant with our data. Do not click links from unknown sources. If you suspect a security attack, contact desktop support immediately.


For an update on what NOT to click, please go to InnerCircle>M*Modal Video>IT Special Report and watch the Dangers of Hotlinks and Phishing Emails.