Election Day Communications Plan

Communications Plan, 5.24.18

Communications Plan


Election Day

***Note: If your school is experiencing election issues,

contact your EDSSI then Communications.

Contact Team:

Email & phone numbers



Adrienne Battle


Pippa Meriwether 


Dottie Critchlow


Damon Cathey



Michelle Michaud


Sito Narcisse

chief of schools

Monique Felder

Chief academic officer

Ken Stark


Jimmy Wheeler




























  1. Designate contact team to communicate to schools.


  1. 2.     Guidance on how to handle walkouts.
    1. BEFORE an election
    2. DURING an election


  1. 3.     Inform Stakeholders
    1. Security
    2. Facilities
    3. School Board
    4. Administration
    5. Principals
    6. Parents
    7. PTO/PTA
    8. Media
    9. Government leaders


  1. 4.     Conference Call/webinar


  1. 5.     How to Handle voters



Facilitated How:

Outlook, Principal Connection,

EDSSIs, Parent Callouts, principal meeting

See attachments

These plans will be sent to each principal/AP and discussed in Webinar Tuesday.




Jimmy via email

Ken via email

David Sevier via email

Michelle via email, meetings

Michelle via email/callout/meet

Michelle via callout

Principals via email/callout

Michelle, if needed, MA

Mark North via email



Mark, Ken, Michelle, Sito, Pippa, Dottie, Damon, Adrienne


See attachments


























































A. Meet with Teachers and PTO leaders now:

  • Organize polling day protocol in your school.
    • Share official Election Commission/MNPS statements for staff and parents to share.
    • Possible lockout procedures. Classrooms within MNPS operate each day with locked classroom doors to be prepared for any emergency situation.
    • Positioning parents/staff at the door and in hallways (parent volunteers should be assisting administration with directing the voters to proper locations).
    • Offer support for day of election. Be available and visible. (MNPS Safety and Security will be as visible at polling locations as possible.  MNPD is aware of the polling locations and will be doing extra patrol at these schools.)
    • Prioritize Safety

Offer these guidelines:

  1. The school will make every effort to provide space within the school that has an outside entrance to minimize disruption to the school day.
  2. Voters/campaign workers will not be allowed to leave the polling room to use the bathroom unless school is not in session, or dismissed for the day.
  3. Poll workers will be escorted to and from the bathroom (parent volunteers need to be ready to do this for their school).


B. Prepare staff in advance:

  • Meet with staff about what to expect, i.e. callouts to parents, schedule for polling, possible absent students, media on campus.
  • Appropriately and respectfully handle the situation if avoter wants to use the bathroom or wants to enter the school.
  • Voters not voting, but campaigning cannot enter the school for any reason.

C. Do Callout to Parents/Students ASAP: (Before Wednesday, May 23)

  • Use attached sample callout scripts. Contact communications for help, if needed. Please, stick to the script to ensure seamless communication across the district.
    • See script for Before Election: to parents and teachers, 2.a
    • See script for Day of Election: to parents, 2.b.






BEFORE ELECTION: to parents and Teachers CALL OUT SCRIPT

Good Evening [school] Parents:

This is [principal name] with an important message. In addition to tomorrow being the last day of school, it is also a special election day. Because MNPS is supported by public tax dollars, the District is required by law to provide open and accessible polling locations (Tennessee Code Annotated 2-3-107).  This law can only be changed by the State legislature.  Recognizing parent concerns about safety, MNPS sought approval from the Commissioner of Education to close schools, tomorrow, May 24.  That request was denied.

To minimize the election’s impact, wherever possible voters will be directed to enter and exit schools through a dedicated outside entrance.  If you have concerns please contact me, your principal or the MNPS info line at 615-259-INFO.

If you have questions about polling places, please contact the election commission.

For concerns about election law, please contact your elected official.

Thank you for your continued support of [SCHOOL]. Enjoy your evening, and please let me know if you have any questions. Remember, tomorrow is a half day and we will be dismissing early. Let’s make our last day of school a great one!



Good Evening [school] Students and Families,

This is [Principal NAME] with an important message. As you know, today was our last day of school, and a special election day for the City of Nashville. We wanted you to know our teachers and staff were vigilant in making sure voters didn’t enter our hallways and disrupt our day. I want to thank all the teachers, staff and parent volunteers who helped us manage this election day in our school. I also want to thank everyone for another great year at [school]! We had a great last day, today. Have a wonderful summer break, get some rest, read every day, and we’ll see you again in August.

Thank you for your continued support of [SCHOOL]. Please let me know if you have any questions. 







How to Handle Media

  • Media are allowed to video voters outside the polling place. Communications would like a call, if you see media on campus. There is no need to go up to the media to talk to them unless you believe they are not adhearing to privacy policy for our students.  If that is the case, please inform communications immediately.


  • Principals, staff, teachers, please refer all media to the communications office for quotes on camera. Please do not speak on camera regarding this event.


Principals, we know this is a challenging time. We are here to help you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any or all of the team members for assistance.