Granbery E.S. Reading Bricks

Media Advisory, 9.12.17

Accelerated Reading Program Huge Success at Granbery Elementary because of Art on Bricks

Students earning 200 points win a brick uniquely theirs to design.




Librarian starts program that goes viral in school.


Telling the story of a popular accelerated reader program


Granbery Elementary students, librarians and artists


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Granbery Elementary school


Students, librarian and artists will be on hand to show their collaborative work and talk about the process of creating these works of art. Students will be able to discuss the honor of attaining a brick and what it took to accomplish reading so many books.



Many years ago, then librarian of Granbery Elementary, Marsha Dunn, began an accelerated reader program at the school. She rewarded students by giving them their very own brick to decorate in the library. This program became so popular, students began to compete by reading more and more. 15 years later, the painted bricks have spilled into the school’s hallways and now decorate the walls. Students come back years later to show family members their prized works of art.


Chad High, principal, is proud of this reading legacy at his school and would like to tell the story of how it began. He has students who designed bricks last year and the artists who made their designs a reality.