Stratford Rose Park STEM Accreditation

News Release, 5.30.18

Stratford H.S. School First in District to Earn

STEM Accreditation, Rose Park Second


Metro Schools lead the state in accreditation for STEM



Nashville, Tenn. – June 6, 2018- Metro Nashville Public Schools announced today Stratford High School STEM School and Rose Park Magnet Middle School have earned STEM accreditation after a rigorous two-day process, making them the first and second schools in MNPS to attain this mark of distinction. Nationally, only 138 schools hold this accreditation.

 “I’m so proud of my staff and students for this accomplishment,” said Michael Steele, principal of Stratford H.S. “When we first started STEM at Stratford, people told me our students could not do STEM work, now we are a model for STEM schools across the country.” 

 “The school has created a STEM program of distinction, worthy of recognition within the region and beyond,” said the AdvancED Certification Review Team. “The staff at Stratford STEM Magnet High School has developed a positive learning climate and a collaborative culture dependent upon mutual respect between all stakeholder groups.”

“It is such an exciting time here in Metro Nashville Public Schools as we lead the way for STEM and STEAM,” said Jennifer Berry, director of STEAM Science. “I am so proud of the work the schools have accomplished under the STE(A)M umbrella. This certification is a true testament to the hard work occurring in our schools.”

In completing the comprehensive review of Rose Park Magnet Middle School, the STEM Certification Review Team conducted 21 interviews with stakeholders, observed 15 classrooms and reviewed artifacts and documents to determine the school’s level of performance for each STEM indicator.

“Rose Park students have the ability to work collaboratively in an inquiry based learning environment that encourage finding creative solutions,” said the AdvancED Review Team. “The students were asked to redesign their current city surroundings into state of the art technology with focus on improvements in the current transportation, water system and building structures.  Students then presented their findings to peers via presentations and models developed by the students.”

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AdvancED is the world leader in providing improvement and accreditation services to education providers of all types in their pursuit of excellence in serving students. Our mission is to lead and empower the education community to ensure that all learners realize their full potential.


In accordance with the mission of AdvancED, the student is the most important focus of the STEM certification. Institutions and programs geared toward providing a strong STEM education should strive to include all learners, paying close attention to those groups often marginalized in STEM fields. Students should regularly engage in activities that meet the diverse needs and styles of learners in ways that foster independent critical thinking as well as transformative collaboration. In keeping with the nature of STEM, students should make regular use of technology throughout the learning process, from enhanced research and data gathering to innovative experiential learning opportunities. Finally, STEM learners should be encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge through both traditional and nontraditional performance-based assessments.



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